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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

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Custom Art @

As a result of the numerous calls and as the demand for unique and custom art pieces from my collectors and other art lovers, who are looking for specific art work for a particular space that nothing else can enrich but a custom made piece. W have created an online art studio which has offered many the opportunity to own their dream art work, not only that the work are authentic, original and unique but the priceless feeling of being part of the creation of the art, is a feeling better experienced than told . Our client's participation in the process of creating their custom works is a major part of the contract. And so far it has been fun.

"Born babies:Grown Women" by Chidi Okoye, resin on plywood

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Unique and Colorful Limited Editions

"Ever Yours" by Chidi Okoye, original; acrylic on canvas

We have cellected a wide range of vibrant, colorful, unique forms and movement reproduced to exclusive limited editions and art prints of different sizes.

"Home of African Contemporary Art"

"Land of the sun: Africa"by Chidi Okoye original acrylic on cavas

You are welcome see our gallery of modern art, African Art, Masks, pencil drawing, african American Art , Poetry mixed media and greeting cards